Saturday, August 18, 2012

Trip Summary

So per the fact that on the last four days of our trip we did not have consistent internet and per the fact that once home I was thrown back into the craziness of life I really failed on chronicling the last of our trip. So here are some of the highlights...  and a few lowlights too...

... taking my first taxi
... flying cross-country non-stop
... getting lost (twice ;)) in our hotel 
... relaxing in the hotel hot tub
... the Pike Place Market
... lunch on Lake Washington
... riding the train to Portland (a pretty awesome experience)
... dragging our luggage through Portland
... going to see my cousin and her family (complete with a new baby who was a doll :))
.... and flying home :) :) all by myself

This trip taught me alot about myself and my relationship with God and coming home has helped me to see everything and put all the pieces together... it is so awesome to know that this was of God :)


  1. Did you ride a real train to Portland? I mean one that's on railroad tracks.