Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 3- On the Road

As I write this there is a storm bordering on a torrent going on outside and I am listening to "The Piano Man" by Billy Joel. The storm reminds me of God's love, the song- my brother Jacob.

Today was a day of traveling....

I was able to sleep in past nine.... I was so tired from everything we did yesterday. MA had got me breakfast down in the Lobby so I had some Orange nice, coffee, and some yogurt. We were supposed to pick up our rental car in Needham, Mass which is across town from Revere, so we decided to call Enterprise. They were able to transfer our reservation to their office in Revere and send an agent to pick us up.... after all that is what they promise on TV :).... They said they would be there in 10 mins.... 10 mins which turned into an hour. The delay gave us time to get all packed. After the agent picked us up we saw all the traffic which had slowed him down. We picked out our car. It is a Chevy hatchback that is red... it looks kinda like a Blueberry but it is not... maybe I can post a pic tomorrow. We drove back to our Hotel, checked out and hit the road. After a bit of navigating and using the GPS on MA's iPhone, we got on the right Highway....

This reminds me, I have to tell y'all something: "people drive CRAZY out here!!!!!!" I think God is trying to convict me to stop complaining about driving. Today I actually told MA that I would never again complain about driving in Boise... It is so easy compared to Boston. First of all, they honk ALL THE TIME... kinda annoying... Secondly, they do not respect lanes... white dashed mean nothing out here... you can choose to follow them or just drive in 2 lanes at the same time if you want to... Thirdly, their idea of letting you in is giving you 6 more inches than normal... Seriously, you just have to jump in and hope you survive.... Today I saw a car turn out of a 3 lane Roundabout from the inside lane... crazy!!

Ok... so much for my rant... There was one bright side to all the crazy driving (this is for all you AIO fans, so listen up)... There is actually a minimum speed limit around here... the first time I saw it I laughed so hard and immediately thought of Bernard in Jail (if you do not get this reference you need to listen to Odyssey more often ;)) And here is a picture to prove it :)

This is me as the navigator:

We stopped for lunch and a Starbucks near Manchester, NH. One hour later, we pulled into Hanover, NH, home of Dartmouth University as well as my Aunt's Client. 

We headed down to the dock and were able to watch some Crew practice.... I put some pics below:
View of the Connecticut River from the Balcony of the bunkhouse

Inside the boathouse

An 8

A double

A single

We stopped by the grocery store on the way home and then had a steak dinner and spent time visiting. 

It is now day 3... according to the clock so I should probably go to bed...

It is still raining :)

Mercy Faith

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