Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 5- Hudson and Nashua

Our meetings today started at 9:30 and they were 1.5 hrs away so that meant one thing.... early to bed and early to rise.... well, maybe not so early to bed....

Anyways, we were on the road by 8 and since the trip was so exciting I slept through most of it... ;) We could not find a Starbucks on the way so that meant we had to go without coffee.... I think this was the saddest day of my life in that regard.... just kidding :)

We made it to our meeting on time, despite the fact that we had put the wrong address into our GPS... thankfully the address we put in was only 2miles off. :)

Maryanna's meetings went from 9:30 until 5:00 pm... it was kinda a long day. I kept myself busy with my writing and reading and music listening and sleeping and beach sitting (it was on the edge on a pond that ad a wee strip of sand for a beach).... All-in-all, I think the only thing I ended up with was a  tan... er burn... ;)

We finally headed out the door and I plugged the Hotel's address into the GPS....

We are staying in Nashua which is a fairly small town. We were starving so we got a list of restaurants from the front desk and headed into town... We were in a Milkshake mood but we never did find a milkshake joint.... oh, well maybe tomorrow... We ended up walking up and down Main Street trying to decide where to eat. We finally decided on a restaurant that had a chocolate shop in it... Can't go wrong with that, right?? Right!

I ordered Lemonade (one of the few non-alcoholic drinks... even the fruit smoothies had some...) and proceeded to down one in about 10 seconds.... The Waitress only gave me 2 refills but I think I could have downed alot more :). For dinner MA got a burger with Avacado and other stuff... it looked really good. I got the Mediterranean Platter which had Pasta Salad, Herbed Chicken and rice with Orzo pasta, a Salad with Feta cheese, and a spinich Quishe thing that has a funny name that I cannot pronounce. It was REALLY good... I could only eat half but the other part will be my lunch tomorrow... unless I decide to have a midnight snack which is totally possible ;)

We got to watch lots of people which is always funny.... it was kinda like 8th street in Boise... you got a variety of every type of person... The town was putting on a movie and dinner... it was supposed to be fancy but the fact that they were eating in the middle of the street in formal wear was pretty funny :)

We got back to the hotel after passing up desert since nothing was spirit free on that menu either... not even the coffee.... I am kinda worried about people in this town... Anyways, back at the hotel, I commenced a search for the Ice Machine which was a fail (we found out from the front desk that there is no Ice Machine on our floor... no wonder ;) and tried to post my postcards which was another fail because the manager was not there or some such nonsense....

Well in order for the rest of the night to not be a fail, I best get to sleep :)

Mercy Faith


  1. When you write 'The town was putting on a movie...,' do you mean that they were filming a movie in that town?

    1. No... they had set up a big screen and were going to be showing a movie after people had dinner... it was on one of the main side streets in the town