Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day 8- North Conway, NY to Hanover, NH

Today, we were to head back to Hanover, NH due to the fact that we have a meeting here tomorrow morning.

We slept in and barely made it to the continental breakfast...

Trying to wake ourselves up, we hit the "heated pool" otherwise known as the cold pool.

It did wake us up though, so I guess it did its job...

After checking out, we explored 2 covered bridges and then headed down to the big outlet mall in North Conway. There I was able to find some presents for different family members.... and I am not going to tell cause I know you guys are reading this ;)

We then hit up a small cafe for lunch and then explored a little bit into historic North Conway.

Then it was back on the road.

It was an absolutely beautiful day. It was raining and the fog had rolled in. We were driving through the White Mountains and the fog against the mountains was breathtaking. 

We saw the Mount Washington Hotel but we were not able to eat there because it was closed to the public :(. We were wanting to see some of the falls along the route so we decided that we would stop at Franconia Notch. First we stopped at the State Park where the Flume Gorge is but there was lightning so we decided not to go into the woods and so the view was not that great.

Our next stop was a little bit more successful as we saw the Basin and went on a hike that let us see some of the falls. We even stopped by Boise Rock.

Most of the rest of the day was spent driving through the driving rain (pun intended... :)) and we got to Hanover by 8 pm.

We watched Olympic Coverage and hung out and now I am blogging....

Mercy Faith

Pics from our drive today:

at the basin
The Boise Rock Story (read at your own risk)
The falls!
To prove that it really exists ;)

What our hiking trail looked like

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