Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day 7- Wells, ME to North Conway, NH

After our mostly sleepless night at the Campground in Wells, Maine (that I told you about briefly in my last blog), we headed into Kennebunk and Kennebunkport, Maine to sightsee and eat breakfast (and for the Wi-Fi too ;)). We stopped by one restaurant that we knew was serving Quische.... unfortunately it was Baacon/ Mushroom so I just got coffee :) It was raining, which pretty much made my day ;) :).

So since breakfast had failed at the first stop, we were looking for something even better. And what could be better than Breakfast All Day?? They even had Chocolate Chip Pancakes :) and Cranberry juice.... pretty much everything was perfect. We traveled back into the town of Kennebunkport and went to look at the shops to see if we could find anything to brink back....

Unfortunately, my night of no sleep was beginning to tell on me and I started to feel really sick and tired and there were dark circles under my eyes. As we headed up the coast of Maine, we found a Grocery Store somewhat like Fred Meyers that carried Natural and Organic Foods. We got Salad, Soup, Yogurt, and Fresh Fruit to eat and Orange Juice and Water to help with our hydration. After eating the Chicken Noodle Soup and some salad I felt a ton better.

We traveled up to the beach at Ferry State Park.... it was BEAUTIFUL. We could see 2 lighthouses from the beach (the skies had cleared up by now), one on an island. We walked in the wet sand, occasionally being thrown off balance by the breakwater rushing up and over our feet. We looked out and saw fish jumping and the surf breaking as the waves rolled in. It truly was gorgeous :)

We could only stay a short while as our hotel was reserved in North Conway, NH and we wanted to get there in time to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremonies. The drive is really not that long (it would have been shorter if I had put the right address into the GPS) and we were soon handed keys to our "room". This room ended up to be a small cabin that boasted a 12 in. TV. We were slightly disappointed but er settled in to watch the beginnings of the 30th Olympiad of the Modern Era. About 5 mins later an error message came onto the screen and our Olympic coverage shut off.... Trying not to feel frustrated, we decided to go play mini-golf and to not mope about it.

All-in-all the game was fun, even though we did not have that much energy. Maryanna ended up 4 over and I ended up like 12 over or something dumb like that....

Back at our cabin, I was determined to find at least something to do with the Olympics even if it killed me.... By scrolling through the channels I finally found the TV guide channel and it told me that the Olympics should be on both channels 6 and 7. Chanel 7 still showed the error message, but channel 6 looked like it was showing at least something. It ended up that we did not miss anything but all the crazy entertainment and we got to see the Parade of Nations as well as seeing the Queen's "speech" and the lighting of the torch.

Next up, sleep and lots of it....

Mercy Faith

P.S. From Thursday in Ocean at Ogunquit...

Jumping the waves :)

After racing a wave :)

Our "big Screen" :)
All Odyssey Fans need to take a closer look :)

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