Saturday, March 9, 2013

Day 1- Boise to Hillsdale

Well, yesterday was the long day of traveling to get to see my brother :) But, as I am sure most of you know what is at the end of the journey is what makes the whole journey worth it :)

I started out my journey by leaving my house at 4:20 AM. My dad dropped me off at the airport about 4:30 and  I made my way through security. It was not really that exciting as I went to my gate and waited to board. I got an aisle seat :) which was nice. The flight to Minneapolis/St. Paul was rather uneventful as the early time made for quiet passengers. I mostly just read .... imagine that ;) :). We got into MSP about 30 mins ahead of schedule so I set out to find the Starbucks. I was pretty sure I knew where it was and sure enough pretty soon their classic logo came into view. I ordered a tall Vanilla Latte as well as water and a bagel with cream cheese. This would serve me for breakfast and lunch. After the Starbucks was taken care of, I found my gate. I killed the 3 hrs of layover time calling family members and people watching. Then my gate changed so I moved about 3 gates down to do more texting and people watching. Our flight was getting an ish late start on boarding so they were really rushing us to get on the plane and seated. It was a smaller plane but that was fine since it was a short flight.

I touched down in Detroit a little ahead of schedule, so Jacob was not quite there to get me yet. So what do y'all think I did? I found the nearest Starbucks, of course. Here I got a Venti Passion Tea Lemonade (otherwise known as a "Praise the Lord" ;)) and waited for Jacob to call me saying that he was there. He called me in short order and besides him going to the wrong terminal at first I was soon on my way out to the country.

It was about a 90 min drive back which put us on Jacob's doorstep at 4:40 ish. We hung out and got showered up and ready to make the trek to a friends house for dinner. We got there just as they were leaving so we hopped in for an adventure at Kroger. They got stuff for dinner and the evening was spent with games and laughter and good food.  We played Euchre as well as a game where you were given a random topic that you had to talk about for a minute straight without pausing as well as trying to get people interested in what you had to say. That game was ish uncomfortable but really funny :)

So that was Day 1... I will keep y'all posted


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