Monday, March 18, 2013

Day 9- Saturday

Saturday for me started about 10 AM. Since we had all stayed up till 5 the night before I was ish dragging out of bed. :) I went down to the Library to print off my boarding passes and then over to the Union to help Caitlin in the Mail Room. I spent the rest of the morning filling mailboxes and handing out packages, which I really enjoyed.

In the afternoon, we finally made our way to the coffee shop downtown(that we had been trying to get to for the last 4 days :)) and alas, it was closed :(. however, there was a different coffee shop across the street and so we ventured there. I got a Vanilla Latte that was super good and totally work it!!!

We then went over to Oakleys (the local deli sandwich shop). A couple of the group ordered lunch and we hung out, talked,a dn played Trivial Pursuit (which was sitting on the table for the entertainment of all customers)

The afternoon consisted of hanging at the house and finishing watching the Scarlet Pimpernel.

In the evening, Jacob took me to dinner at The Hunt Club which was really good. I got a Prime Rib dip with fries and Onion Rings :)

After we got back we played Euchre and watched some Get Smart episodes.

Then I packed for the trip back home :)


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