Saturday, March 16, 2013

Day 6, 7, 8- Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

 So these last few days have been so crazy.... so I am just going to sum them all up into one post.

Wednesday Morning I just hung out with myself in the computer lab and the Library and then caught lunch with Linda. In the afternoon, I "studied" with Linda in the afternoon... this consisted of me reading and just chillin' ;). In the evening, Jacob, Caitlin, and I played basketball. After that we watched BSU lose to SDSU :( In the late evening(i.e. early morning) we trooped over to the Arboretum which is like a "small wood" with 2 stone gazebos, a pond and just general awesomeness.

It was a late night, but since we did not have class until 11 we were able to sleep in.

Thursaday dawned hot and sunny which was certainly a nice change from the snow of Wednesday. I went with Caitlin to her English 102 class again and it was fun :) We went to lunch and then after Caitlin's class was over we headed back to the house to chill.

This was also "Pi(e) Day" so we went to Kroger where I got a turtle pie and we enjoyed that for an afternoon snack.

Jacob called us up to see if we wanted to do something active, so we got our sports clothes on and headed off to the Football field... We ended up spending the next hour and a half to two hours learning how to play rugby. We did 2 passing drills, tackling drills, and ran lines. We also "learned" how to ruck.

After rugby, Caitlin and I went to a lecture the college was sponsoring on chastity. It was pretty good all around and I was glad I went.

Everyone was excited for Friday since it was the last day of  classes :)

Jacob pretty much locked himself in the computer Lab and pounded(I mean literally ;)) out his 2nd mid-term.
I went to Art History class with Laurie and then American Heritage with Caitlin before lunch.

Lunch was awesome... salad and cookies ;) :)

After lunch, we went to Kroger and then went back and I helped to clean up and then it was chill time while watching psych and trying to recover from nights with little sleep.

Jacob has his other paper due at midnight tonight so he pretty well spent the whole day writing that.

However, after he turned it in it we were able to hang out.

Caitlin's sister flew in for the week as a surprise so it was another late night as everyone caught up.

Hope y'all are havin' fun wherever y'all are :)


P.S. Tomorrow I will post about Saturday and my flight home and then either Monday or Tuesday I will publish a summary post with all the trip highlights as well as summing everything up :)

God's Blessings,

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