Monday, March 18, 2013

Day 10- Sunday- Detroit to Boise

We left dark and early Sunday morning (6:30 AM) from Hillsdale and made our way to the Detroit Airport for my 9:30 AM flight. I went through Security and found my gate and waited to board. 

At the gate, TSA did a gate check which consisted of them re-checking boarding passes and searching handbags as well as selecting random people for pat-downs. Thankfully everything went smoothly for me and I was soon in my seat.

The flight went well until we got to the Minneapolis Airport were the jetway for the gate was out of order and it took us 30 mins to figure that out and get towed to a new gate. By this time my flight for Boise was already boarding. I called my sister to have her find what gate I was to go to so that I would be prepared as soon as I got out of the plane and I was able to get a ride on one of those "cart" things that take people to their gates and I made my flight :)

The flight to Boise was good overall and I was so looking forward to being home.

It was a good day,

P.S. I will publish a trip summary within the next few days :)

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